Sunday, June 11, 2006

Catching Up

Boy, am I woefully behind on my book blog. Not that I find excuses pleasant to make, but, in the hope of completing 50 books this calendar year, and since we are past the midpoint of 2006, I have seriously occupied myself with reading books. Okay, true confession: I'm just not terribly disciplined for the activity of blogging, especially when I can spend hours reading other blogs.

Since I have plenty of material though, I intend to use it. So, my latest plan involves posting a series of "round-ups" by theme, sort of as an homage to my friend Daniel Goldin's thematic Book List, which I've always though was a good format (he's the senior buyer at Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops in Milwaukee). Also, I have always like Ayelet Waldman's booklog with concise, (usually) compelling impressions of what she's reading so you may see her influence here. Plus, I'm going to do this on company time since I've got no stamina or will power to blog at the end of the work day. Besides, I write for a living (well, technically I'm an editor but I feel like I do more writing than editing), and i have little desire to do more writing in the evening, which is--little known fact--one of many reasons why I don't bring work home.

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