Monday, August 13, 2007

Reading week of August 13

I've been working on the same three books for a few weeks now, which is totally wrecking havoc on my goal of finishing twenty books this summer.

HP and the Deathly Hallows—I'm reading this aloud to John, which is a considerably slower way to read a book. It also ensures that I can get him to look up characters and terms online when we stumble upon one we can't remember.

~Angelica by Arthur Phillips—My book group will be discussing this coming Thursday, and as I'm at the half-way point, I need to motor. However, I am getting a boost from the unabridged audio during drive-time. Much to my surprise, I am enjoying this Victorian ghost story and look forward to the discussion. I'm also thinking about adding Wilkie Collins (Woman in White, Moonstone) to my reading list.

~The Places in Between by Rory Stewart—This fantastic travel essay is lunch-break reading, and I'm enjoying it so much that I don't want it to end. Stewart writes about his walk across Afghanistan, just after the Taliban has fallen in 2002. The walk is part of a larger walk the author has taken across Central Asia. I appreciate travel essays that are insightfully written by keen observers. Stewart supercedes most in the genre as he scrupulously records details about history, politics, religion, geography, topgraphy, culture, and more. My interest in reading classic walking/travel essays is piqued, and I've just added Patrick Leigh Fermor, Bruce Chatwin, and Colin Fletcher to my burgeoning TBR list.


Dorothy W. said...

Oh, I adored the Rory Stewart book! I love books about walking and need to read more of them (my favorite so far is Rebecca Solnit's book Wanderlust). I'd like to read Chatwin, maybe soon.

jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting Dorothy! I also just ordered Colin Fletcher's [i]The Man Who Walked Through Time[/i] from Powell's, and I can't wait until it arrives. Thanks, too, for the recommendation on Rebecca Solnit's [i]Wanderlust[/i].