Wednesday, December 19, 2007

first lines meme

I like a trip down memory lane as much as the next person. And, since I've been uninspired to write much of anything—outside of work, that is—this seems like a fine time to hop on this first line meme. Here is the first line from the first post of the month for each month this past year.

January: Way back in April, as I was looking through the Coming Soon literature "aisle" at, I made a note that Julia Glass had written a new book, The Whole World Over.

February: Before Water for Elephants was published by Algonquin Chapel Hill last May, a number of friends expressed interest in it.

March:Granta has just announced their second-ever list of best American writers under 35.

I’m a sucker for first novels and for novels set in exotic locations.

May: This is my first post for the month of May, which was a somewhat cruel month for reading and writing—just not enough time.

June: zilch

The highly anticipated, final installment of Harry Potter is very close to its official on-sale date.
The Man Booker Prize long list has been announced.

Last October, I posted a list of 39 books I would endeavor to read beginning on my 39th birthday.

Admit it.

I’m the kind of geek who gets super excited when book group rolls around every six weeks or so.

I like a trip down memory lane as much as the next person.

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