Thursday, April 10, 2008


~ Pulitzer Prizes were awarded earlier this week. You can see a list of winners here. I think it's finally time to read the wondrous Junot Diaz.

~ As I was cleaning off my desk, I found a printout of an old article, dated July 11, 2007, announcing an official new James Bond story. Marking the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth, Doubleday will release Devil May Care on May 28, 2008. I'm pretty excited for many reasons, the approaching release date chief among them, but also because Sebastian Faulks, author of Birdsong and On Green Dolphin Street, has written it. Viva le Bond!

On a related note, check out Penguin's Bond reissues. Their retro appeal is perfect. I just purchased Casino Royale (1954) to read, appropriately, on a flight to Las Vegas next month.

Get a Bond fix:
Commander Bond
Ian Fleming Centre, the official site of Ian Fleming Publications, the Fleming literary estate
Which Bond are you? Take a quiz.

~ Are you ready for a new Carlos Ruiz Zafon? Doubleday will publish the English translation of The Angel's Game, a prequel to Zafon's wildly bestselling The Shadow of the Wind, in summer 2009. According to Publishers' Lunch, the novel is set in 1920s Barcelona, combining a love story, a mystery, a fantasy and an exploration of literature. I've read elsewhere that there was, not surprisingly, "an intense seven-figure auction."

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