Tuesday, February 24, 2009

library haul

While I was at the library picking up holds today, I stumbled upon Little Bee, the highly buzzed (pun unavoidable) book by Chris Cleave. Read my friend Daniel's interview with the author. If the novel wasn't already on your TBR list, it will be.

Also, I'm pretty excited to finally get to State by State and couldn't believe that there wasn't a waiting list. Script and Scribble, a survey of handwriting—cursive, I hear, is making a comeback—looks pretty neat too. I like the trim size and overall packaging, and will likely comment more later.


Caryl said...

Ha! I was going to ask you if you'd heard any buzz about Little Bee. I read a bit about it recently, and it intrigued me.

Fun haul!

jennifer said...

A haul like this is dangerous--you see how/why I can't stick to any reading agenda?!