Saturday, May 02, 2009

Free Comic Book Day

For weeks, all of the Bibliotonics have been anticipating Free Comic Book Day. We habituate our local comic book shop, which is less than twelve blocks from our house, and currently one of the biggest draws to our neighborhood. John has been a regular customer of Uncle Sven’s since he was in college. And, although Uncle Sven no longer owns the shop, all of its character has been preserved. It’s a tiny shop and it’s truly for collectors, featuring racks with an emphasis on the week’s new releases.

Uncle Sven’s friendly staff greeted us enthusiastically when we entered the store today. The boys were each handed a shopping bag, stuffed with comic books. Then, John and I received a bag for adults, which appeared to have similar comics, with the addition of a few that were unsuitable for children. Good stuff—Atomic Hobo, Nancy (for nostalgia!), Avengers, a facsimile of the original TMNT, and more, all special editions for FCBD.

We each bought a comic or two for a total comic gorge. I chose Brad Meltzer’s Identity Crisis, the first chapter of the graphic novel (same title), and John picked up the return of Sea Guy. Oh boy, this comic book reading is going to be fun.

Only 364 days until the next Free Comic Book Day!

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