Thursday, December 04, 2008

best books of 2008

The year is drawing to a close so it must be time to publish the best whatever roundups. For a book lover, the ultimate end-of-year survey is the New York Times Book Review's Notable Books in the holiday issue, my very favorite of the year. Even though the print edition isn't due until this coming Sunday (12/7), the NYT, probably for their own exposure, has made the list available online. The Editor's Choice, the 10 best of the best books from 2008, which is set to appear in print the following Sunday (12/14), was posted this morning.

Cracking open the Book Review on Sunday morning, over bagels and lox and strong coffee, will lack all of the suspense I associate with this issue. I'm sad about this trend (yes, I know it will help booksellers, GFT), but I will adjust to this brave new age of technology in which pre-emptive publishing is a rule rather than a carefully laid publicity plan. The 2008 Editor's Choice has a solid fiction collection, and I look forward to bumping up some titles on my TBR list.

Bonus: Read exacting critic Kakutani's 10 favorite books for 2008.

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