Tuesday, December 09, 2008

a few more end-of-year roundups

~ NPR has pulled all of their best of the year lists into one easy to access page, and from there, you can click on any of the original pieces from Alan Cheuse, Maureen Corrigan, blogger Jessa Crispin, and others. I took special inspiration from T. Susan Chang's 10 Best Cookbooks of the Year.

~ The Washington Post's critics recommend holiday titles—fiction and nonfiction—for gift-givers, as well as elect their ten favorite books of the year and include a few titles that have been underrepresented on other lists. Jonathan Yardley picks the best from among the 49 books—mostly nonfiction—that he reviewed in 2008. I am glad to see Sara Roahen's Gumbo Tales here.

And, if you can tolerate another agenda, and want to get a jump on your 2009 reading, the January Indie Next list is available.

[ed] Fixed the Indie Next link, hopefully it will work longer.


Jenn said...

I love the lists... so many options. But that last link isn't working...

Caryl said...

I'm coming in late here, but wanted to thank you again for finding and posting all of these great lists! What fun to look at all of these titles and daydream of somehow finding the time to read them all. :)